Cookie Countdown & Giveaway

Getting the supplies ready

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of giving away cookies at Christmas for me. Each year, I bake like a crazy lady and then give away my cookies to colleagues, family, teachers and friends. While I’m afraid I can’t give to everyone I know, we try to give to the people that have been close to us throughout the year, as well as the people who have helped out the family.

When I was single 10 years ago, my biggest challenge was freezer space – I had a very small freezer. Now I have an extra freezer in our basement (and that still is not nearly enough), but my ongoing challenge is keeping my husband and ponytails out of the cookies. Despite my best efforts, a good portion of my supply is nabbed by little and big fingers alike.

To celebrate this milestone, I’m holding a Cookie Contest. I’ll send a box of cookies to the person who accurately guesses how many cookies I bake this season. Even I have no idea what the answer is, because a) I’ve never counted my cookies before and b) I’m not sure how many batches I’m going to feel like making. There’s one big caveat – please don’t enter If there are any nut allergies in your family because I do bake with nuts. I’m very careful with the gingerbreads that I make for the school, but beyond that, I get very nervous because there’s so much activity in the kitchen. If you are already on my list, then I’ll throw in a few extras of your favourites. One entry per person please; and each member of a family can enter. Entries must be posted on this blog. If more than one person gets the right answer, then their names will be entered into a draw. I’ve had good success with shipping my cookies, so I’ll ship to anywhere in North America.

The countdown is on!

10-years of holiday magazines!


10 Comments on “Cookie Countdown & Giveaway”

  1. Eva Taylor says:

    Hey, I recognize that cookie! One of my fav’s. I usually have to hide them from JT so I can enjoy them. I particularly love the one’s with caramel…hint hint. I’m gonna get my guess in early: 450 cookies.

  2. Jeremy Perry says:

    Knowing how much you love to bake, I’m going to guess 1,728 cookies. Hope that I’m lucky. Your cookies are always amazing!

  3. Charles says:

    Boooo, no love for us Europeans 😥 No cookies for meeeeeeeeee 😦 If I guess and win can I pick an alternate US shipping address? I have friends who would love them I’m sure!

    Anyway, my guess… 720!

    • We’ll see what we can work out if you win Charles. I may be able to make it work for you in Europe, just didn’t want to make any promises just in case. My concern is the travel time! If not, then sure let’s go for your friends in the US. Good luck!

  4. Mercedes B. Vescovi says:

    864…and that’s my final answer!

  5. Carolyn says:

    Ran some actuarial models and came up with 600.

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