Grilled Cheese On the Rocks or Neat?


Whether you like your scotch on the rocks, neat or you prefer wine (like me), I can almost guarantee that adding a splash of scotch and some chopped green onions to your next grilled cheese will make you very, very happy. Seriously!

The scotch adds a wonderful smoky flavour and touch of heat to the sandwich that is very unique.

I first starting making grilled cheese this way about 10 years ago after I found the recipe in an issue of Cottage Life Magazine. I make it year-round, but it is perfect to make at the cottage in the summer or on a weeknight when you want a fast meal. This is definitely for adults only, but it’s easy to make a plain version for the kiddies.

The most difficult part of making  this is wrestling the bottle of scotch from my husband. He literally stands on guard to make sure that I use the right bottle of scotch and NOT his bottle of 18-year old Macallan Single Malt that he got in a Mad Men-themed package at a charity auction a few months back.

I always serve my grilled cheese—for adults and kids—with sliced apples. I also always make grilled cheese with my panini press. I love the fact that I don’t need to use butter on the bread and I can have four sandwiches made in about 10 minutes, including prep time. I’ve read that a waffle maker is also good to use, but I’ve never tried it. Grating your cheese helps the cheese to melt consistently and quickly, so it’s a good tip for making a perfect grilled cheese.

My friend Eva at KitchenInspirations makes this grilled cheese with a lovely salsa. Here’s the recipe in case you’d like try this with her salsa.

Adult Grilled Cheese

Makes 2 regular-sized or three small sandwiches

  • 1 cup grated old cheddar cheese
  • 1.5 tbsp scotch
  • 2-3 green onions chopped (green parts only)
  • four standard-sized pieces of artisan bread or six small
  • 1 tbsp salted butter (optional; if pan frying)
  • Mix the grated cheddar, scotch and green onions well.

Add half cheese mixture to middle of each sandwich (if making 2; add a third if making 3).

Prepare each grilled cheese in a panini press for 3 to 4 minutes (pending thickness of bread), or in a frying pan. If using frying pan, spread butter on outside side of bread and pan fry until bread is golden and cheese is melted.

PS — I thought I had the spam filter problem sorted — but it looks like my comments are not appearing again. Please keep an eye out for me in your spam filters!

I used Walnut & Raisin Bread to make this adult grilled cheese.

45 Comments on “Grilled Cheese On the Rocks or Neat?”

  1. Never heard of putting scotch in a grilled cheese sandwich, but what a brilliant idea! My husband would LOVE that! Also love your walnut and raisin bread idea. Can’t wait to try this!

    • Thanks Betsy. It worked well on the walnut and raisin bread–but it also works well on other breads. For a first time, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use a plain bread to really get the full impact of the flavour with the scotch. It is such a great combination — I wish I had come up with it myself!

  2. Tandy says:

    I have to try this! Tell your hubby he has good taste in malt whisky 🙂

  3. Never heard of grilled cheese with Scotch but it sounds quite intriguing.

  4. Charles says:

    Scotch, eh? I never would have thought of it – I guess it makes sense though… bring up the flavours, give everything a slight kick, bit of heat, and you’ve got a “french onion soup” kind of thing going on.

    The spring onions definitely make a fabulous grilled cheese sandwich, I agree.

    Yours looks great Barb – just oozing with cheesy awesomeness 🙂

    • The scotch adds such a smoky flavour to the cheese and then there’s the subtle bit of heat that you reference. Yep, it’s worth a try for sure. My husband always gets so excited when he realizes I’m making this adult version of a grilled cheese, instead of just plain ole grilled cheese. Although there’s still the issue of trusting me with the bottle. 🙂

      Love your quote on this “oozing with cheesey awesomeness.” Oh yeah!

  5. Definitely neat! The cheese oozing out has me captivated my friend 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. Beth says:

    This recipe almost brought tears to my eyes. I love my scotch as much as your husband (although it’s the Lagavulin I’d be protecting, not the Macallan). I seriously can’t wait to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing!
    By the way, I went to a friend’s cottage a couple of years ago, and everything she made was from the Cottage Life cookbook. It was some of the best food I’ve ever eaten.

    • LOL — interesting to note how passionate scotch drinkers are about their scotch. Let me know what you think it you do try this Beth.

      I’ll have to check out the Cottage Life cookbook — that is high praise, given the spectacular dishes I’ve seen on your blog!

  7. Eva Taylor says:

    I recall the first time we had this wonderful concoction when you and Kevin were at our cottage before the ponytails were born — we were blown away! It is still one of our favourites and I still make it from time to time! I don’t have a panini press so I just cook them on my cast iron griddle either on the stove or the BBQ with a cast iron weight on them, but the waffle maker sounds like a good substitute too. The walnut and raisin bread sounds amazing with this. Thanks for the shout out Barb, as always, it’s really appreciated.

    • It sure seems like a long time ago now, doesn’t it Eva? Making this on the BBQ in a cast iron pan is a great idea — especially as I don’t take my panini press with me on the road in the summer!

      I remember reading your post back in 2009, so it was my pleasure to reference your version!I will have to try your salsa, as it sounds really, really good. (Kevin would like it!)

  8. Sissi says:

    Barb, I also always prefer wine and guess what, my husband is also a single malt amateur 😉 so whisky would be the most difficult item to use, although not to find (but I will ask, maybe there is an unwanted bottle 😉 ).
    Your sandwiches look gorgeous! First because melted cheese is one of the most delicious things in the world. Secondly, because it’s a beautiful yellow cheddar and I have cheddar very rarely. Whisky of course must make it irresistible and sophisticated! Oh, and there is also something else: whenever I make melted cheese toasts, they are open. I simply do not dare making them closed, panini-style. I must let myself go one day because frankly it looks too extraordinary to miss. (As a teenager I loved closed sandwiches made in panini press so much, I got completely addicted and now I consider such an appliance a dangerous object 😉 Sometimes however I almost get tempted when I see it in a shop…). The first photo is so gorgeous I have just had a third or fourth look at it… Luckily I have just started to prepare my dinner and cheddar is not available in the nearest grocery shop 🙂 Otherwise I would be making it straight away.

    • Thank you for sharing your story Sissi! Sounds like our scotch loving husbands have at least one thing in common. (I bet they also both enjoy getting to sample all of the different food we prepare.) I can see why a panini press is dangerous — I have to control myself also. I find that if I splurge with a sandwich for one meal then I have a salad at another — or sometimes I make half a sandwich for myself and then savour it. Thanks also for your kind comment about the photo — I still struggle with the photography, so your comment is appreciated.

  9. sani panini says:

    This looks amazing, well done!!!

  10. What a cool idea! My husband would be the same way with his scotch, I think he owns a couple of square inches in the scottish highlands for drinking so much!! I will be sure and try this sometime and will let you know how it goes… thanks for sharing!

  11. Norma Chang says:

    Grating the cheese and adding green onions, such a clever idea, of course the scotch adds another deminsion, lovely sandwich, I am with the oozy cheese too.

  12. I want to try this but Mr. Anonymous I am sure would also be standing on guard to protect his scotch inventory. You distract him while I get up on the chair to get into the cupboard.

  13. Holy Moley! What a brilliant all grown up sandwich. Just being able to say to someone as you serve this sandwich, “it’s grilled cheese, green onions and vodka,” would make someone sound very clever. 🙂

  14. The flavors in this sandwich cannot be beat! The green onions with the cheese is very clever and delicious as is, but the extra kick from the scotch…Imagination will not do, I definitely have to try this-yum!

  15. Oooo that looks SO delicious! Would love some of that gooey cheesy sandwich, and love the sound of it being smokey from the Scotch! 😀 I don’t think my boyfriend would approve of me using his Scotch either. 😛

  16. That is very adult! Looks great!

  17. Karen says:

    Cottage Life is my husband’s favorite magazine…I’ll ask if he remembers seeing this recipe. We love grilled cheese and will be trying this soon.

  18. Kristy says:

    I love the sound of this Barb! I never in a million years would have thought of adding Scotch to a grilled cheese. This is so interesting. I’m definitely going to try this out soon. And I like the tip about using shredded cheese. I’m going to do that too! 🙂

    • I would have never come up with this on my own either Kristy — especially since I’m not a scotch drinker. I’m really glad that I stumbled upon it, as I feel like I’m having a special treat whenever I make grilled cheese for the kids. Let me know if you give it a try!

  19. Suzi says:

    This is definitely an interesting grilled cheese. I bet this tastes wonderful too. Besides the addition of the scotch I’m going for those scallions as well. Your photo with the cheese sneaking over the sides is soooo appetizing.

  20. Averil Gomes says:

    Scotch on grilled cheese! Barb, you’ve made my day… though I think I may go with the wine myself and have the scotch on the side 🙂 Can’t wait to try this.

  21. glamorous glutton says:

    I definitely have to try these and with something peaty not a blended scotch. A wonderful evocation of all that is scotland with the flavour of tangy cheese. mmmm – just off to the kitchen. GG

  22. I love this recipe because it reminds me of a very grown up welsh rarebit. Tasty, lovely and so easy, if only all snack time could be like this!

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