Grilled Cheese On the Rocks or Neat?


Whether you like your scotch on the rocks, neat or you prefer wine (like me), I can almost guarantee that adding a splash of scotch and some chopped green onions to your next grilled cheese will make you very, very happy. Seriously!

The scotch adds a wonderful smoky flavour and touch of heat to the sandwich that is very unique.

I first starting making grilled cheese this way about 10 years ago after I found the recipe in an issue of Cottage Life Magazine. I make it year-round, but it is perfect to make at the cottage in the summer or on a weeknight when you want a fast meal. This is definitely for adults only, but it’s easy to make a plain version for the kiddies.

The most difficult part of making  this is wrestling the bottle of scotch from my husband. He literally stands on guard to make sure that I use the right bottle of scotch and NOT his bottle of 18-year old Macallan Single Malt that he got in a Mad Men-themed package at a charity auction a few months back.

I always serve my grilled cheese—for adults and kids—with sliced apples. I also always make grilled cheese with my panini press. I love the fact that I don’t need to use butter on the bread and I can have four sandwiches made in about 10 minutes, including prep time. I’ve read that a waffle maker is also good to use, but I’ve never tried it. Grating your cheese helps the cheese to melt consistently and quickly, so it’s a good tip for making a perfect grilled cheese.

My friend Eva at KitchenInspirations makes this grilled cheese with a lovely salsa. Here’s the recipe in case you’d like try this with her salsa.

Adult Grilled Cheese

Makes 2 regular-sized or three small sandwiches

  • 1 cup grated old cheddar cheese
  • 1.5 tbsp scotch
  • 2-3 green onions chopped (green parts only)
  • four standard-sized pieces of artisan bread or six small
  • 1 tbsp salted butter (optional; if pan frying)
  • Mix the grated cheddar, scotch and green onions well.

Add half cheese mixture to middle of each sandwich (if making 2; add a third if making 3).

Prepare each grilled cheese in a panini press for 3 to 4 minutes (pending thickness of bread), or in a frying pan. If using frying pan, spread butter on outside side of bread and pan fry until bread is golden and cheese is melted.

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I used Walnut & Raisin Bread to make this adult grilled cheese.